Management philosophy

  • Enhancing people's lives by providing innovative solutions to the challenges of “heat and cold” in countries around the world.
  • Putting our business first and foremost in fairness and sincerity and continuing to be a company trusted by society.

The value we emphasis
  • Think smart, run fast, verify fast, fix fast.
  • Good teamwork.
  • Global and local mind.
  • Prioritize fairness and honesty above all.

Vision and Target
  • Become a company that understands customers more than anyone, provides the highest quality that can earn the trust of customers, and contributes the most to customers.
  • Become the most valuable company for customers by identifying business areas that can contribute to customers, and independently and proactively developing business.
  • Continue to create innovation in all of our business activities and become the company most needed by customers.

  • Customers: Providing products, services and solutions that exceed expectations.
  • Employees: Provide an environment where employees can work independently and with responsibility and opportunities for growth.
  • Society: Contributing to the realization of a sustainable world.
  • Partners: Co-create stronger competitiveness through business operations.
  • Shareholders: achieve high performance
MACO has made multi-million investments to establish a state-of-the-art testing center of air conditioners that meets all international standards. The center is fully equipped with high technology instruments and well-qualified personnel, enabling it to test in design development and assure the product qualiyy and safety. The first of its kind in Thailand, the center can test the noise level. performance and electricity consumption of air-conditioners of various types, such as Single Type, Multi Type and VRF Type, which is used for large buildings.