Quality Policy 2018

We aim to improve our quality to the highest level in order to supply the products with which all customers can be satisfied.

Therefore, our quality management system should be performed and maintained based on the demand of ISO 9001 which is the global standard by the commitment;

We shall serve with excellence product in a timely manner to all customer and strive for all customer highest satisfaction and throughout continual improvement and development our product to be a global leader of quality and service.

The quality and reliability of our products depend on all employees’ quality activity and responsibility including the consideration of interested parties and risks in the business operation to highest customer satisfaction as well as achievement of management.


We support education and training plans of all employees and then we improve our quality management system through continuous reviews.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries-Mahajak Air Conditioners Co.,Ltd. has produced and assembled air conditioners for sales both in domestic and international markets.

The Company has believed that the occupational health and safety system is the most important factor for its business operation. Therefore, it is necessary to communicated with the management and all employees to ensure their understanding and their operation. Hence, the Company has determined the policy as a guideline on the occupational health and safety implementation as follows;

1. The Company will comply by laws regarding the occupational health and safety and other related requirements.

2. The Company will arrange the hearing conservation program by setting a hearing monitoring and noise monitoring from work activities of establishment. Communicate to all of employees and concerned persons.

3. The Company will prevent any occupational diseased, injury and ill health from work activities and/or work related situation, including control and reduce risks from working. The objectives and targets for the occupational health and safety will be set to support the development and improvement on a consistent basis.

4. The Company will enhance and support budget, time, personnel and other resources deemed appropriate to ensure that the occupational health and safety management will achieve the objectives.

Environmental and Energy Conservation Policy 2018

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – Mahajak air conditioners Co., Ltd. has produced Air Conditioners and Spare Parts to both Domestic and Export Customers. We realized the importance of environmental impacts from our activities, products and services. 

Therefore, we established Environmental Management & Energy Conservation Policy of the company and wish to:-

  1. 1.  Improve Environmental Management System to comply with ISO 14001 requirements as well as the Energy Conservation as appropriate. This requires energy and environmental conservation as part of the operations of the company.

  2. 2.  Comply with Environmental Legal, Compliance obligations of the relevant environmental with the company for each interested parties, Energy Conservation and Other Requirements.

  3. 3.  To protect the environment, prevent air pollution, water pollution, garbage and waste.

  4. 4.  Set Environmental & Energy Conservation Objectives to prevent pollution, reduce environment impacts to our earth and to promote Energy efficiency and optimization.

  5. 5.  Review policy and objectives of Environmental and Energy Conservation periodically for continual improvement to be applicable to environmental legal and changing circumstances.

  6. 6.  Provide necessary support of resources, budget and training staff of the
    Company to be aware on environmental impact and energy conservation issues.

  7. 7.  Communicate policy objectives and Environmental & Energy information to all  
 Employees, on behalf of company and public.