Since our customer satisfaction is our main goal. MACO therefore pays attention to every step of production with strict examination start from receiving raw materials, during production process and before exporting to customers. Also we have modern quality control mechanisms which qualified and certified by most of the international standards such as CE, AS, TISI, S-JET, SNI, SIRIM, G, NF, CCC and PED.

Incoming inspection

Initial part inspection


Production part approval is the process for approval of production parts. This is an important process in order to produce new products with maximum quality which meet the requirement of customers. Inspection of the parts is regularly done with both from supplier and in-house parts.


Moreover, our quality inspection systems are strictly control by our expert quality control engineer. Start from checking raw material with advance and accuracy tools and always aware of prohibit substances. We use only raw material and parts which have no effect to the environment and life.

III system

IT Incoming Inspection system (III) is the system that control the acceptant of incoming part through our web-based system. Our operator can search for the documents and record, input the inspection result. This system helps us to finish inspection process faster and more accuracy. We can track back for every transaction at any time.

Production Process

MACO production process (MPS)

​MACO Production System (MPS) is the management system developed by MACO in order to maximize our customer satisfaction. Therefor MPS is our key factor that makes our factory be more productivity and leader in technology of air-conditioners production. MPS are consisted of 2 systems.                           
2. Pull System

YATAI System

 Visual control system


YATAI is the unique systems of MACO that improve our efficiency and flexibility and easily to solve the problem in a minute of time. With YATAI, working space is divided into a small unit and control by Visual Control System.
Each worker has multifunction skill. They can finish variety of job with their qualified skills. This also effect in improvement of our production capacity. YATAI gives us more available space. So, we can put our quality control section inside the assembly line and also the maintenance systems (TPM) which can maintain our machine easily.   

In-process inspection

  ​  ​
We use high technology tools and machines for inspection during production process especially for gas leak testing. We use Helium gas which has the very small molecules to check the leakage of every unit. Apart from that we also check leakage again in our operation room at the final process. We use QOS (Quality Operation System) to evaluate the inspection process in order to guarantee 100% quality of our product before hand over to customers. 

Final Inspection & Testing

We invest for our testing facilities for achieving the highest world standard of every country. With the best and innovative tools for evaluation test which make sure our product are safe and qualified.We do a performance test which will test the quality and efficiency of our product.  We are one of the first to have this testing procedure in Thailand.